Monday, July 16, 2012

Award Winners

Have you ever done something really bad and felt like hiding? Join Jack Gantos in this year's Newbery winner: Dead End in Norvelt.  He begins his summer by "borrowing" his dad's stolen Japanese war relic, a supposedly empty gun, and firing it toward a distant drive-in movie about WWII.  When it turns out the gun wasn't really empty...and then he hears an ambulance...all kinds of trouble follows.  

When do you think this story was set? What do you think Jack's mom does to punish him?

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  1. I like how the review is written! Cool idea to get book reviews!!

    I would imagine this story would be set in the 1960s. I think Jack will try to get away with his secret, but it catches up with him. Maybe his mom will ground him for the whole summer!

    1. His mom makes him get up really early and write obituaries for a lady with arthritis! Worth a read:)

  2. I think this is a great way to get students thinking and reflecting on literature.

  3. I think the story is set in the '70s or 80s. Jack's mom is going to punish him by making him babysit their neighbor's naughty 4-year-old girl for the rest of the summer - for free.

    You've got me curious - I'm heading to the library to get this one! Eventually I'd like to read all of the Newberrys.

  4. I really like your review idea and the idea of keeping things up to date by having others provide information. A great resource!

  5. LOVE this idea--I wish our median specialist would so something like this! A blog in the form of a booktalk is great--suspense is gonna kill me--I will most likely find this book and read it!!!!

  6. Your blok is definitely a "hook" for kids and even parents to read more. Great idea!

  7. I LOVE this idea! What a fantastic way to get kids hooked on a book.

    I think it's set in the early 70's and I bet his mom was at the drive in that night.

    And now I'm off to get my hands on this book! Thank goodness it's summer so I can find out what really happened. :)